About the goldsmith

I designed a piece of jewelry myself and I would like Inge to make this, is this possible?

Yes, it is. Please contact Inge through the contact form to make an appointment and you will look at the possibilities together.

What is the approximate price of a piece of jewelry at Inge Schuffelen | Edelsmid?

This depends on the costs of the used materials and the hours Inge needs to spend on the piece of jewelry. Take a look around at the webshop to get an idea of the prices.

Is it possible to have new jewelry made from old gold?

Yes, it’s possible. Please contact Inge. She will determine the carat of the gold and see if it is usable for remelting.


What’s the difference between a goldsmith and a jeweler?

A jeweler sells jewelry from stock of extensive and mostly well-known brands. Goldsmiths however, design and manufacture their jewelry themselves. A goldsmith can make you the most personal jewel specially designed for you.

Can I trade my gold for cash at Inge Schuffelen | Edelsmid?

Yes, it’s possible. Depending on the weight and the current gold price, you will receive money in return. It is also possible to create new jewelry made from old gold.

Is it possible for a goldsmith to make things out of silver?

Yes, it is. The difference between a goldsmith and a silversmith is that a goldsmith makes small assembled object made from either silver or gold. A silversmith however makes bigger everyday objects like vases and bowls, mostly silver.