Jewelry maintenance

How do I keep my jewelry at its best?

When you’re not wearing your jewelry, always keep them in a box with a soft subsurface, protected from light and humidity. Please be sure your jewels aren’t touching other jewelry, which prevents it from scratching. When you are wearing your jewels, please put it on after using your perfume, hand cream, hair spray and other cosmetics.

Can I wear my jewelry at night, under the shower and during exercise?

Yes, this is possible. Be careful that all metals are susceptible to bumping, denting, contact with hard surfaces, detergents, cleaning products, perfumes, chlorine and other chemical products. You can increase the durability of your jewelry by taking it off during showering, sports, cleaning and doing the dishes.

How do I clean my jewelry?

  • Silver: silver oxidizes quickly. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, it’s recommanded to keep those in a box, protected from light and humidity. When your jewels are oxidized anyway, you can clean them with a silver polish cloth or other appropriate products. When your jewelry is just filthy, you can clean it with an old toothbrush and a mixture of detergent and ammonia. Rinse the jewels and dry thoroughly.
  • Gold: Gold isn’t as sensitive to oxidation as silver. For filthy jewelry: use the method with the old toothbrush, detergent and ammonia.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds (and other gemstones) can get lustreless due to skin oils. They lose their luster. To get this luster back, you can mix some water, detergent and ammonia and you clean your diamonds with this mixture. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth.