Do I wear my wedding ring on the left or the right side?

Traditionally, for catholics, the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Protestants, however, wear their wedding rings on their right hands. You’re not religious? An old story tells us to wear the wedding ring on our left hand because this is the side of your heart. A less romantic, but more practical solution is to choose the side you use less. So if you’re lefthanded, you wear your wedding ring on you right hand so it won’t damage.


How do I know the size of his/her ring?

You can contact Inge through the contact form. We can use a ring size stick to measure your ring size or we use the ringsizer to see which size fits you best. You want to measure it without him/her noticing? The ringsize is the inside diameter of the ring. For example: when this is 18 mm, your boy- or girlfriend has size 18.